Sunday, 29 January 2012

new to blogging

Ok so this my first ever Blog - and I'm excited to joining the blogging world and comunity- it has been on my mind for years and ive finally made the plunge - I have alot to talk about as I am music fanatic and enjoy the history of music just as much as listening to it - i like to know what makes song writers tick and about underground music scenes and how why they happened - i play in an act myself - a duo - and work as a music agent for my own company - anyway - not sure how my blog works - and who will read this - who will reply - but like minded people - if you are out there - hello !!!!!
 Ok so I dont know if should be plugging what I'm involved with  but if anyone has an interest then someof my music I write is on
and my agency website is www,

over and out

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