Thursday, 8 March 2012

My Top 5 bands / acts that are not famous

This is a personal favourite list of acts I have had the pleasure of booking over the last ten years that I regard as talented by booking them kept me enjoying what I do,  and although haven't maybe gone on to bigger things, I waned to highlight my favorite acts I have come across that havent gone on to major deals. They are all worth a sneeky look !

Some of these acts are still very active and some are not so , or have split up. However their music lives on via social media so why not point them your way !

The list is just a personal thing - I think they all hot number one at one stage !! today it just panned out like this ! Also you can maybe see my Bias to solo songwriters here aposed to bands. I can't help that x

5 - Ben Drummond
Ben is heavy weight of the UK unsigned midlands music scene. Adaptable and talented as a singer / bass player / guitarist and probably other things too. He is well worth checking out. Ben used to be in popular midlands trio ' positive firefly ' who's other two members have both gone on to success at varying levels.( Scott Matthews went on to  sign for Island as a solo artist, and Matt Thomas is in the Joy Formidable  who recently  provided the main song in feature film ' Breaking Dawn ' of the  Twilight's saga. 
Ben keeps good company!!!!
Musicianship alone, Ben has a reputation for excelling and is very active on the scene. Take a look. When watching the Video below make sure you catch the guitaring skills at the end !!

4 - Nell Bryden ( New York )
Nell is probably the most successful act on this list. Mainly down to hard work and talent! Apparently I was the first ever UK promoter to book Nell in England ( she later told me ) ( so her first gig in the UK was in Wolverhampton - lucky her lol ). I think I booked Nell three times all  in all, when she was on her self organised, self promoted UK tours. It gives me some sense of reward that although Nell Isn't main stream yet  she seems to be going from strength to strength and has had some minor success in UK. I walked into the pub I first booked at last year ( I don't work their anymore ) and Nell was  playing on their sound system. I wouldn't think any of the staff in that Bar would know any different or that Nell had kicked off her music career in the UK in that very same pub. But hearing that her music is getting played in a commercial chain bar, is very satisfying indeed.
 Above any act I have ever met ,  Nell showed me what hard work and dedication to your art can do and maybe this is someone worth keeping your eye on as she is obviously isn't finished with the music industry yet!

3 - Ian Darby
Ian is personal favourite. Great guitar player and pianist with a strong distinctive voice and great song writing skills. For the people that have met and seen Ian play there is little doubt his charm and talent will stick in their minds. In my opinion Ian is maybe unlucky not to have got further in the Industry as his talent is obvious. I think like allot of acts Ian is best when you catch him live. Some acts just have that X-Factor and send a shiver down your spine

2 - Louisa Hall
Personally Louisa is my favourite singer of all. She probably was the most hobbyist and humble attitude to her work ( songwriting ) of all the acts listed. No ego at all, this adds to her charm. Louisa songs were written on a personal level  and I had to encourage her on stage when i heard her sing. In fact I heard her sing and marched her on stage.......In fact looking back she very much took over my life for a while I was so mesmerised by her songs. Ever get the feeling you have found something golden? I don't think I have ever heard such a natural sweet vocal - added to her simplistic but effective song writing style I totally fell in love with her music.
 With Louisa I think life came first and her songwriting was a hobby that she took a lot of enjoyment out of. Her music was personal and this massively added to its effect. My bias would demand you take a look at her music. It really is a treat !!!!!

1 - The Dirty BackBeats
I maybe booked this act a few times for a year or so.They blew me away. I think they nearly got signed. then. when it didn't happen they split up.  'A bunch of drama students turned into a band ' was how they were described to me once. With a retro sound and look, they are probably my favourite band for live performance of all. To describe the lead singer. Let me think........he was like a manic Captain Beefheart on stilts. Some serious theatrics went into every show from the singer , and he had the ability to scare people with his facial expressions / intense stare and manic use of space. To listen to this band is one thing ( they are great , but the reason they are number one on my list is because Live they were just something else! Shame they are no more !!



  1. I remember seeing nell bryden... brilliant !! Ben i haven't seen in ages, amazing talent, must see him soon when he's at the jam house or something... good list !

  2. cheers Dan - sorry for delay - yes great acts - just getting people to come and see them when is always a headache lol - but you can say you saw them first mate !!!! take it easy - and don't give up on the animation - no matter how testing !!