Thursday, 1 March 2012

Dead Rock Stars Waking Me Up In the Morning

Ok, so this post is dedicated to my mother, who seemed to enjoy waking me in the morning telling me rock stars I am a fan of are dead !!!!! ......and her being so blasé about it !!!

First of all as a teenager ( 14 to 16 ) I was a massive Queen fan. Especially pre 1980 Queen. I  love the early stuff. and Freddy Mercury is definitely, still to this day, one of my favourite vocalist with his unique style. What a singer!!!!

I think I was probably the age of around 17 in 1991 and  I remember my Mum barging into my room and saying - ' come on get up, get out of bed ', and on her way out in passing, saying ' oh by the way Freddy Mercury is Dead '. Knowing I was a fan - she seemed a little blasé about it - but I thought - Ok, why should my mum care - its not like Michael Bolton has Died LOL ( this is the music she subjected me to in her car where Michael ruled the airwaves )

Lets fast forward to 1993 and by now I am a Frank Zappa freak. I have found my music after years of searching. I respected Freddy, but Frank and his music was, and still is one of my main obsessions,

Same mum in my room waking me up to tell me - ' You know that guy your into, Zappa or whoever, .......well he;s DEAD ! ' .....and then I'm sure she smiled and left the room.

GUTTED.....cheers mum !!!

I knew he had been ill but hadn't followed it to closely - so I was shocked at the news - and instantly gutted I would never get to see him play live.

This is my mum taking an interest in the music I like - by never talking to me about the people I listen to until they die. HA

If Michael Bolton ( no dis-respect Michael - I  hope you live forever- and your mullet too lol ) ever pops his clogs, I may have to get up early that day and pay my mother a visit.

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