Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Hitler gets Double Crossed by Walt Disney ( parody )


 First of all I made this video for fun. After being a fan of all the Hitler parodies from the film ' Downfall ' especially. the bunker scene, I wanted to make my own version, A bit like my take on the ' Benton you tube spoofs ' I posted recently.

However I wasn't sure whether to Blog promote my latest Video  ' mess around '. Well I wasn't going to. However it seems my subtitles will not show on You Tube unless you click ( cc ) the subtitles option.  I was given an option of embedding ( so subtitles stick anyway ) if I posted the code to a site. So that's what I'm doing on here. Lets hope it works. As technology and I haven't see eye to eye in the last few days !!!

I quite liked the theme of Disney cheesing off Hitler and a lot of the dialogue I wrote is based around fact

  • Warner Bros's shorts looney tunes were more successful than Disney's shorts and Warners Characters were considered more rounded, Of course their was a massive 
  • rivalry between Diseny and Warner. 
  • Disney to this day has had a shadow cast over him ( true or not ) of rumours of racism ( 
  • within his work and on a personal level )  and possible actual ( rumoured ) links to the Nazi Party ( however, even if this is
  •  true I'm pretty sure Adolf didn't have much to do with Disney film making LOL ) I'm not 
  • leaving any links for the this debate - their are many sources online for and and against - google it and see 
  • the Nazi's used animation as a form for propaganda and so did studios such as Disney
So Obviously I had a bit of fun with scripting this spoof. I've watched a lot of the ' Downfall ' spoof / parodies, of the same bunker scene - and their are some great ones out there - some bad ones too - but some are quite clever

I hope anyone who watches my version will see the funny side in it and I am pretty sure any animation Geeks out there will enjoy some of the references I took from fact. Anyway it's just a bit of fun and I think I'm slowly getting addicted to ' messing around with videos ' and displaying them online. 

If anyone can suggest any links I should look at on You Tube of any hilarious Video spoof - leave a link on my blog - cheers

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