Monday, 27 February 2012

I named my company after my Favourite Album

Just a small mention about why I called my company Apostrophe. ( apostrophe music agency )
Even though I have a vast musical taste I have had a love affair with the music of Frank Zappa from the age of 16.The first album I heard written by Zappa made a distinct impression.

I was baby sitting for my auntie and, knowing I was into my ( vinyl ) records she allowed me access to her record collection and record player for the evening to occupy me . This was just total bliss for a 16 year old on an educational music mission. As I remember I scouted the Pink Floyd and the Led Zep as I was aquainted with those acts already. Then I pulled out an Album that really stood out just by this guys face on the Album displayed below

I thought 'wow - what  a moustache and square-type beard add on ' - yes so I thought this guys looked pretty interesting - ill give this record a whirl. ...... 40 mins later or so - I was thinking ' what the hell just happened ? where did that come from ? I've never heard anything like it. ', I think I played the album three times simultainiously - the third time recording it on to cassette tape. I was obessessed......

I will save time by not reviewing every song and showing my utter Geekness for this total genius of an album - but I was looking for some music that  I would fall in love with and this album was, and still is that.
Never has an album touched me as this one did. Never have I had a Girl Friend who hasn;t been subjected to having to listen to this album either ( with extremely mixed reactions ). My current Girlfriend being my favourite reaction of just, ' turn it off '. Not everyones cup of tea obviously.

However if you are reading this and are intrigued - and want to hear something that is truely unique then give it a go --- apostrophe ----and let me know how you found it, and if you want a little extra info on the man that wrote it check out Frank Zappa -

Anyway - the imprint on my mind of this work made it very easy for me to finalise the name for my company Apostrophe Music. It's kind of my personal Ode to the man that made the music on this fine album.

rest in peace Frank

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